Friday, Dec 31, 2004
Patio Lanterns, tampa

New Year's Eve!

What can I say about the year 2004. There were so many great things to come out of the last year... I finally walked away from a job that I absolutely loathed and despised to take a position at a company which, to say the least, is far less stressful (wink. wink.)... Mandi and I made some great new friends... I started photographing weddings and found that I have a knack for it and really enjoy it... we bought a nice new SUV and didn't get hosed on the price or the financing... I went to Europe for the first time and next week (although technically it will be 2005) I am off to Las Vegas...Mandi and I had the joy and thrill of not only witnessing, in person, a game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals but watching our own Tampa Bay Lightning win the whole damn thing... we visited friends and family this summer in New Brunswick... this photoblog was born... Mandi, myself and all of our fellow Floridians went through the horror and devastation of not one, not two, not three, but FOUR mother f-ing hurricanes... Canada won the World Cup of Hockey... and finally, we bought our first home.

It truly was the best year ever!

In celebration of New Year's Eve and in keeping with the theme of today's photo, I have included an mp3 of Kim Mitchell's "Patio Lanterns." A fellow Canuck and proud owner of one of the greatest mullets of all time. I own the CD but after you download and listen to this song please delete the mp3 file (as we know it is illegal to file swap).

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