Thursday, Dec 16, 2004
Thunderbug, tampa

Mandi and I attended our second hockey game of the season last night. Unfortunately, it was another minor league game. Fortunately it wasn't those ass-buckets from the ECHL but the Lightning's AHL farm team, Springfield Falcons as they took on the Philadelphia Phantoms at the Forum. As far as the NHL goes, it doesn't look good for the 2004-05 season as both sides can't seem to agree on a collective bargaining contract.

I don't agree with the owners on this one. I don't feel a salary cap would be fair to teams like Tampa, which drafted wisely and signed good role players. I think that the offer of salary rollbacks offered by the players would reset the wrongs that have accumulated over the past ten years and then put the onus on the owners and GMs to manage their money (duh, just like in the real business world).

However, I am not letting the players off here... the players have to realize that there is no interest in hockey right now in the US. This lockout isn't even registering on the minds of most Americans.

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