Friday, Nov 25, 2005
Black Friday, tampa

As usual, we had a nice relaxing Thanksgiving... easily my second favorite holiday of the year. Ate some Ham... played some street hockey with the neighbor and his boys. And if you are a serious shopper like me, this is the day that you look forward to every year... Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving sales)! I'm not like the typical crazies, i.e. I don't line up at 5am for the stores to open... but I get out at 9 and hit the less popular, out-of-the-way stores.

For instance, last year Best Buy had a great deal on some DVDs, including the Star Wars Trilogy... but the line wrapped throughout the inside of the store. I went to Target, which by the way is closer to my house this year, and got the same deals with no lineups! You gotta know where to look people. Another example, Ace Hardware has great deals this year on portable DVD players, yet who would think to look in Ace Hardware for those items...

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