Friday, Nov 04, 2005
Always Carry Your Camera, tampa

You never know what you might run into at the Vet's office!

I was picking up Sophie's medical records at her old vet today... but I couldn't get into their parking lot because it was blocked by about five Police (of various organizations) cars. So I parked next door at Publix and decided to go over anyways, with camera in hand.

It turns out the ATF, Sheriffs office, and US Marshals were conducting a sting operation in the adjacent storage center and ended up chasing down their fugitive through the Vet's parking lot into the vacant lot next door... eventually taking him down with a couple of concussion grenades and then tackling him to the ground. I proceeded to snap about thirty photos from inside the cover of the Vet's lobby, through a bright, clear window. I would estimate there were twenty "good guys" versus one idiot... who do you think won!?

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