Monday, Oct 17, 2005
Our Lady Peace, st. petersburg

We have been OLP fans ever since they released their first album, Naveed, back in 1994 and they were a little known band with a popular following in Canada. Now, over ten years later, they are on tour in support of their sixth studio album, Healthy In Paranoid Times. An album, by the way, was almost four years in the making and well worth the wait... it rocks.

The last time we saw OLP in concert was in a large stadium... which is about the only type of venue you'd be able to see them at back in Canada... but down here in the Bay area, Mandi and I caught them at the very small and intimate, State Theatre, in downtown St. Petersburg. Picture a tiny old movie theatre without the seats. I guess that there were 200 of us and the boys did not disappoint. Playing for about an hour and a half, their set relied on tracks from the new album but for old fans like myself, were treated to a few classic hits like Starseed, Clumsy and Superman's Dead.

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