Sunday, Oct 17, 2004
Needlenose, tampa

Thanks to everybody that voted for me as a "Noteworthy" entry on Photofriday. This is the first time one of my photos has been selected as "Noteworthy". The category was Depth of Field.

This is Shopper. Shopper is a retired racing Greyhound that we've had for nearly four years. Shopper didn't win very often so like most Greys she retired. Unlike the majority of these beautiful dogs she was one of the lucky ones and found a forever home with us. Most Greyhounds end up dead. Its an ugly fact but this will go on unless people stop attending dog races and placing bets.

What people may not know is that Greyhounds are amazing house dogs. They are not high-strung, rarely bark and require little attention or exercise. In fact, Shopper sleeps about 18 hours a day and usually lounges around on our furniture. They're often referred to as "45mph couch potatos."

I am planning a book of photography dedicated to local rescued Greys and will donate all of the proceeds to Greyhound Pets of America - Largo Chapter. Look for this photobook to be available on this site before Christmas.

Some Web Finds:
• Fast Jack Sportswear - For really cool Greyhound tshirts and gear visit this nicely designed site.

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