Monday, Oct 11, 2004
Candid Bride, rothesay, nb

I snapped a quick candid shot of the bride, which happens to be my cousin, after her wedding ceremony while waiting in the rain for the limo.

Mandi and I went out looking at houses this past weekend. We are realizing that we really want to stay within the same general area that we're in now. However, the housing market has blown up in the past three or four years in the Bay area and our area of Tampa is no exception. A decent house near our current neighborhood with certain wants and needs will probably run us between $190k - $250k. Scary!

Back home in Saint John, houses in that price range are mansions or usually right on the waterfront. In the long run though, if we make the kind of return-on-investment that most homeowners have enjoyed, we should be well off when the time comes for us to return to Eastern Canada.

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