Wednesday, Oct 5, 2005
NHL Opening Night 10.05, tampa

If you are as big of a hockey geek as I am then tonight is like Christmas... the opening night of the 2005-06 season of NHL hockey. And what makes it even more special is sitting in the Forum watching my team hoist their first Stanley Cup banner.

Fans in Tampa have waited an extra year for this night, thanks to the lockout... but if anything it makes it much more special because of the anticipation. Also, the Lightning unveiled their new website this morning... a much, much, much better site than they previously had and actually one of the nicest team websites in the league. It also happened to be designed by our good friend, Keith De-lin of De-lineation.com who gathered and used a great deal of input from Mandi and I... thanks Keith. Check out the site at www.tampabaylightning.com

Finally, congratulations to my little cousin, Sabrina and her husband Adam as they are expecting their first child. Sabrina, her brother Corey and I practically grew up in the same house together so I have always thought of them as siblings more than cousins and because of this I feel like a future Uncle.


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