Thursday, Sept 30, 2004
Freedom?, usa

Tonight, we finally get to see the highly anticipated first debate between John Kerry and George Bush. Over the past four years I have developed strong opinions about the state of the US Government and the current administration. However, as Canadians living in the United States, Mandi and I have no official voice and no official opinion as we are not allowed to vote. Forget the fact that we are taxpayers, law-abiding and will probably spend the rest of our lives living in the US. Nothing pisses me off more than to hear about somebody that clearly has the ability to vote but chooses not to for whatever unknown or ignorant reason.

My boy, Toshibi, once made a statement that made perfect sense to me, he said that everybody in the world should be able to vote in the US Presidential election as the outcome clearly effects the rest of the world. I've also read articles about people selling their votes to people on eBay. What a great idea. I think that I will go make a bid right now.

Oh, in case your wondering...

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