Tuesday, Sept 21, 2004
Beware of Pelicans, downtown st. petersburg

As we approach the end of a pretty devastating summer, weather-wise here in Florida, I thought that I would share this sunny photo that I took a few months ago down at the Pier in St. Pete. And yes, you can feed the pelicans right out of your hand.. but be careful.

Some Web Finds
Forces of Nature - Ivan, Frances, and Charley have been on a relentless warpath in the South. And in the wake of their devastation, one can't help but wonder why hurricanes pick on Florida. Go inside the eye of a hurricane with this fantastic 3D primer and uncover Ivan's terrible secrets, as well as the science behind other natural disasters.
Star Wars Helmets - Today, the most coveted DVD box-set of all time, the original Star Wars trilogy, is released and as a tribute here is a showcase of the very best Star Wars fan-designed helmets.

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