Wednesday, Sep 17, 2008
Magical Summer of Baseball, st. petersburg

Mandi and I bought tickets to the Rays v Red Sox game last night. As usual, it was a close game with (as usual), in exiting Rays fashion, a walk off victory by the HOME team Rays. I say HOME team because nothing irks me more than when nearly half of the crowd is Red Sox fans. The worst part is they are residents of the bay area. People who can't give up their alliance to a team that until 2004 was just as much a doormat of the league as the Rays.

And for all of those "brilliant" Sox beat writers that like to slam the Rays fanbase for not showing up to support the first place team I did some checking... until 2004 (the year the Sox FINALLY won a World Series) their attendance avgeraged about 6000 below sellout between 1995 - 2004. In the 1980s and early 90s, when the Sox were pathetic, forget about it. The Sox average attendance was 25,000... and that is in the so-called mecca of baseball fandom. At least we of the Rays Republic are now coming out to the games in force. We may not be selling out but we are damn close. A lot to ask for with a franchise that has made it a bad habit of finishing last in baseball and losing 90 - 100 games nearly every year.

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