Thursday, Sept 16, 2004
Na, na, na, na... Hey, hey, hey..., tampa

With the current collective bargaining agreement expiring at midnight Wednesday, the NHL season is officially on ice. The lockout has begun, this means that Don Cherry's suits may be put on mothballs. Some believe the whole 2004-05 season could be cancelled. That means the Stanley Cup not being awarded for the first time since 1919 - when an influenza epidemic stopped the Montreal-Seattle final.

In the meantime, while that SOB, Gary Bettman and the other NHL honks were announcing the demise of the game that I love, Mandi and I were at the St. Pete Times Forum enjoying our "Lightning Season Ticket Holders' Day With The Cup." Although Mandi and I have been to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto many times, it seems extra special to see Stanley in our own building after the Lightning won it three months ago. Even if this was a bittersweet day.

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