Monday, Sept 6, 2004
Stop Exxon & Mobil, tampa

I saw this "modified" Stop sign the other day and was able to get a couple of good shots of it. I liked the mild form of protest associated with it in terms of high gas prices. Ironically enough, Florida is now facing major gasoline shortages in the wake of two major hurricanes. And now it seems that another major player, Ivan, is churning out in the south Atlantic and is expected to reach North America by this weekend.

I am happy to report that we suffered no damage to our home from Frances. Just a lot of rain and tropical storm force winds. It shoould be over by midday Monday as we stay glued to our TV sets this week to see what the next system brings.

After the one-two punch of Charley and Frances, I really hope that Ivan doesn't end up being the knock out shot.

Click here for yesterday's Hurricane Charley photo.

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