Sunday, Sept 5, 2004
Rolling On In, tampa

Mandi and I went to see Garden State again yesterday (our new favorite movie btw) and as we were leaving the theater we noticed the first wave of feeder bands from Hurricane Frances were making their way into the Bay area. We were actually racing these clouds home from the theater parking lot. The winds were reaching just below 50mph and the rain heavy. A key thing to remember is that when this photo was taken the skies were bright and sunny. The sky isn't normally that dark at 6:30pm.

We are now bracing for Frances herself. The current track has it going over the Tampa Bay area around 10am and lasting for about ten hours with Tropical Storm strength winds. We're not expecting much in the way of wind damage but could see some crazy flooding in the low lying areas.

If we still have power later today I will post an update. Time to hunker down!

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