Saturday, Sept 4, 2004
Photoshop World, orlando

I took this photo at the beautiful Orange County Convention Center on Thursday while attending the annual NAPP Photoshop World convention. My buddies Brian Stiles, Keith De-Lin and I were having a great time learning some great new Photoshop techniques from the best Photoshop artists and instructors in the world when... what do y'know, here comes another goddamn hurricane. Two weeks ago it was Charley and this time it is Frances. Needless to say my three day convention was cut short to two days (because the Convention Center wouldn't allow the event to continue) as the city of Orlando was going freakshow over the possiblility of another direct hit.

And just as with Charley, I was relegated to crawling along Interstate 4 (at 5mph) - back to Tampa along with 500,000 evacuees.

Some Web Finds:
NFL's 10 Greatest Players Ever - An assembly of ESPN reporters and analysis rank the best ever from 1-10. Jim Brown tops the list, garnering a first- or second-place vote from everyone but Sal Paolantonio, who was the only one to vote Joe Montana at 1 and Dick Butkus at 2. Now Butkus was a great actor, maybe the best ever, but you don't pick him over Jim Brown or Water Payton. Payton got one No. 1 vote, while John Elway got two. Sammy Baugh made only two people's top-10 list and finished in a tie for 10th all-time, thanks to Joe Theismann's selection of him as the greatest NFL player. Nothin' like pimping those former Redskins QBs, huh Joe? Surprised to see Steve Young not get a top-10 vote from anyone. His efficiency numbers are staggering , and it's not like he threw only 15 times a game. Smart, athletic, the guy was awesome.

Learn Blackjack Strategy While You Play - You can limit the house advantage if you know what you're doing. This quick and easy game tells you when you've made a bad hit, stick, double or split. Definitely a good warm-up before you hit the casinos.

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