Friday, September 2, 2005
Sloppy Joes, key west

Fantasy Football Links:
Ladd K. Biro's Draft Guide This has been run in a number of major newspapers. A column, followed by position-by-position analysis, complete with comments on each player. Great stuff.

Bill Simmons' Top 40 Picks Not a single Godfather reference. The boy is slipping. Funny stuff, but it's hard to judge any overall ranking against yours when scoring in fantasy football, unlike in baseball, varies so much by league. That's why I think position-by-position rankings are more useful.

SI.com's Tip Sheet: Who's Rising and Falling Wait, running backs on Cleveland, Chicago and Miami are not to be trusted? Who knew?!

CBS SportsLine's Player Ratings This one includes monetary values for auction leagues. Might not be relevant for your league, but you can at least see the variance in value between the top players and those lower-ranked for each position.

Fantasy Football Mastermind Quick Bits Lots of "so-and-so newspaper reported today" stuff, mixed in with ads for "premium" content, which you'd be insane to purchase if first place in your league doesn't reward you with a mansion in Bel Air.

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