Tuesday, Aug 31, 2004
Dave Andreychuk, Stanley Cup Champion, downtown tampa

Oh yeah baby! We had a great spring this year in Tampa. Nothing like watching a team that you've been so committed and devoted to (even through the really crappy years) finally win it all. Growing up in Eastern Canada meant you had two loves, fishing and hockey, and I didn't care too much for fishing. I love hockey. I eat, sleep and breathe it. I get antsy in September knowing that the season is right around the corner. Then I get very depressed when June rolls around and the season is over.

The reason for my hockey photo and story is the beginning of the World Cup of Hockey. Or, as it was originally titled, the Canada Cup. If there is anything I enjoy more than NHL hockey it's International hockey. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing the best players in the world suit up for their country. Team Canada is stacked this year and are the favorites to win it all. I still remember sitting on the edge of my freakin' seat during the 2002 Olympics watching Canada vs. USA for the gold medal, winner take all. Thankfully, for my sanity and the pride of an entire nation, Canada won. And starting tonight, Canada continues down that road of hockey supremacy. Live from Montreal it's Game 1 of the World Cup of Hockey, Canada vs. USA.

Go Canada go!

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