Tuesday, Aug 24, 2004
Look Way Up, downtown tampa

Movie Recommendation Alert
Garden State - Seriously, go see this movie! I have been waiting for it to be released here in Tampa and finally (a few weeks after it opened in select cities) it opened this weekend. Mandi and I saw it yesterday afternoon and it was well worth the wait. A great film written, directed and starring Zach Braff, of NBC's "Scrubs." It has won several awards and acclaim from the various film festivals and features an incredible soundtrack featuring, Frou Frou, Coldplay, the Shins and more.
I would be willing to say that this was the best movie that I have seen all summer (and we have seen a LOT of movies).
Other Recommended Summer Flicks
Farenheit 9/11
Super Size Me
Napoleon Dynamite
The Bourne Supremacy
The Village

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