Thursday, July 28, 2005
Not Your Average Joe, tampa

A big congratulations goes out to my boy Nate Griffin for winning the latest installment of NBC's realty series, "Average Joe." Nate, pictured here with Keith and Stacy at their going away party, was intially voted out of the show by Anna but after a makeover was chosen to come back and fight for her affection... ultimately winning over the girl and defeating the "Hunk."

Not only is Nate smooth with the ladies but he happens to be a very talented artist. You can visit his site and purchase some illustrations of his character, Lump. Personally, I think the guy is pretty handy with a camera too and has some amazing B&W photos of Tampa at night as well as a great collection of Polaroid photos. Check out this outstanding candid series he shot of Keith and Stacy for their anniversary.

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