Thursday, July 26, 2007
My Heart Sank, st. pete beach

Not just because we had just finished photographing this guy's proposal but because when I got home my CF card that I used to capture the actual act of getting down on one knee... her reaction... the moment... was not available to me because the card was corrupt and damaged in a way that recovery software was no match for... in part because the damage had to be mechanical as it wouldn't even mount on my computer and when I put it back into my camera the card locked it up.

So... after a horrible Sunday of running around trying to figure out a fix I sent the card away to a data recovery company in Atlanta. Hopefully, they can get my shots off of the card (without bleeding me in the process... it can be a pricey procedure) and all will end well and you will be seeing one of those photos instead of this photo which came off of the second card I shot with.

As a side note... what happened to my CF card is so freakin' rare that their are very few threads of info on the internet of this happening to other people that I had a hard time figuring out what to do. If it was just corrupt files then that would be easy as there are many number of file recovery programs available for about $30. However, as I said previously, this is a mechanical issue and will probably run me about $800.

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