Monday, Apr 11, 2005
Fire Escape, tampa

This is a different perspective from a similar shot taken by my boy, de-lineation, a couple of weekends ago.

This is normally a pretty stressful week for Mandi and I as we have been on the short end of the stick with the IRS for the last couple of years. This year, however, it seems as though we may have our favorite government agency by the short ones... do a couple of weddings and glamour shoots for pay and my friends you have yourself a small business... "Hello, write-offs!"

If... by any chance, one of my loyal visitors works for Uncle Sam... the above statement was meant with the most loving distain... pricks.

Speaking of pricks... it seems as though another reality show celebrity has fallen victim to Tampa's famous bar scene. Chris, the resident "hot head" from the current season of the Apprentice, was arrested early Sunday morning on Drunk and Disorderly Conduct charges at Tampa's Hard Rock Casino. Seems like ol' Chris can't handle the liquor too well.

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