Saturday, Feb 26, 2005
Shopper's Angel, tampa

When I put this picture up for Friday's post, I selected it because I hadn't used a photo of Shopper in a few weeks. After some post-processing it turned out very heavenly. In the photo, Mandi looks very angelic because of the diffuse glow - hence the above title.

Well, it turns out that my Shopper-girl is pretty sick. She has been in the hospital since last night and they are keeping her for a few more days to run some more tests. Mandi and I are pretty optimistic and are hoping for the absolute best. And until we find out what the problem is and where the path is leading, I am leaving the photo same.

I hope that everybody returns for updates and hopefully the photo will be different soon... because that will be a good thing.

UPDATE - Sunday, Feb 27
Shopper remains in the hospital. Yesterday we went to see her and she was doing alot better. The doctor informed us that Greyhounds will literally starve themselves to death to have different kinds of food, hence the dramatic weight loss and lack of apetite. She is now eating pretty well with a diet of special can food that benefits the liver.

Speaking of the liver... Shopper's blood tests came back with elevated liver enzymes which means she definitly has a problem with her liver (thus the urinary infection and facial rash). She isn't into liver failure but there is a problem. To figure out the problem, the doctors will need to do a biopsy. This means she will remain in the hospital on IV fluids for a few more days. It also means more outrageous vet bills for us... The things we do for our pets.

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